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There is a difference between the big board and the high end brick.

Recently, Asia claimed that the world's first large-scale marble tile production line was officially put into operation in Hubei production base! This has made the slogan “No big board and no brand” since last year, and it is predicted that “bigger & bigger” will sweep the industry like a tornado!

As a high-end positioning Asia, to achieve a large size and at the same time have to be no less inferior product quality, such a difficult thing, Asia has done it easily! The key factor behind this is actually the introduction of the blanking machine.

Speaking of this blanking machine, it is well known that the thickness of the tile is equal, and whether the glaze is smooth and smooth after glazing is an important factor for the distance between the high-end tile and the ordinary tile, and Guangdong Engineering Electromechanical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "GONGKEEl" The throwing machine has contributed to this critical point.


Let's take a look at the blanking machine

For "micro powder matte bricks" and "glazed tiles"

What is the effect?

First,From the point of view of the process of the micro-powder matt brick, since it is directly into the kiln after drying, there is a lack of glaze, in order to better display the surface of the micro-matte matte brick, then, in front of the kiln The blanking session is necessary.Through thematte brick after the blank, not only the difference in the thickness and thickness caused by the pressing, drying and the like can be solved at one time, and more importantly, the pattern deep in the blank is thrown out.

For the polished glazed brick, the blank powder on the surface of the brick blank is removed, and the defects of the surface such as crack glaze and orange peel glaze are reduced; the flatness of the brick blank is improved, a series of defects such as orange peel glaze are prevented, and the use amount of the deep processing and polishing abrasive is reduced; Homogenize surface energy, thereby increasing the quality of the glaze, improving the superiority, etc...These are simply in the eyes of the blanking machine - not too simple!

Come againSaid hot inkjet permeable tiles. For the oozing bricks, the existence of the blanking machine is like the iOS system of the Apple mobile phone. If Apple's mobile phone is not supported by a powerful iOS system, all other add-ons will lose the value of the experience. Apple and iOS systems, oozing bricks and throwing machines, coincide.

In addition, in the aspect of the billet, the mechanical and electrical Li General also said that under normal circumstances, the billet will be selected after drying, so that the thrown tiles will be better solved in terms of patterns and dirty. . Of course, there are also problems caused by the limitations of the workshop floor and the cost of consumables. The advantage of this method is that all the fine powder is thrown away.

Of course, whether after the press or after drying, it can be seen that the use of the blanking machine is nothing more than a better solution to the various defects of the tile at the source, thus achieving what we call the concept of positioning high-end products from the source.

Recently, the "Innovative Ceramics" special issue and the Foshan ceramic think tank technical experts visited the equipment company and learned that the sales of the engineering machinery and electromechanical machine last year was a fire in the winter, and it was actually very hot! It is understood that many ceramic enterprises in the industry have put their equipment on.

In the face of the hustle and bustle of the whole industry, if you really want to do a good job, it seems that it is not difficult to understand why a group of ceramic enterprises have to throw a blank machine, it is not difficult to understand why the industry is in a downturn, Can surrender such a touching result. Applying a word from the star, even a roll of toilet paper has his use, let alone a god-like device!

According to reports, organized by GONGKEE"1600x3200 large-size throwing machine" conference will also unveil the mysterious veil in March (it's just a fire to no friends)!


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